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Greetings, seeker of wellness and relaxation! I'm your resident scientist-salesman here to guide you through the wonders of massage technology and how the right chair (hint: our Luminary™ Syner-D®) can revolutionize your relaxation experience.

With our world becoming increasingly fast-paced, the need to pause, relax, and revitalize is more crucial than ever. Enter the realm of massage chairs. Not just any massage chair, but a luxury massage throne – the Luminary™ Syner-D®.

Did you know regular use of a massage chair can lower your blood pressure, alleviate stress, improve circulation, enhance your mood, and even promote better sleep? It's not magic—it's science. The Luminary™ Syner-D® brings you these benefits with a dollop of unparalleled luxury.

Investing in a massage chair is a commitment to your wellbeing. Our Luminary™ Syner-D® comes with unique Flex-Track technology for superior spinal decompression and a full-body massage. Its Complete Calf™ Kneading + Oscillation and Triple Roller Total Sole Reflexology are just what you need after a long day on your feet.


$14,999.00 Regular Price
$9,999.00Sale Price
    • Is the Luminary™ Syner-D® suitable for me? Absolutely, unless you're over 6'7" or weigh over 320 lbs—beyond these limits, the comfort and functionality might be compromised.

    • Does it come with a warranty? Yes! We offer a comprehensive 5-year limited warranty.

    • Is it easy to use? It's as simple as tap and swipe with our stylish touch screen tablet controller.

    • How often should I use my massage chair? For optimal benefits, we recommend a 15-20 minute session daily.

    • Can I customize my massage? With our Infinity Control, you’re the maestro of your massage.

    • Are there different colors available? Absolutely! Choose from Black, Brown, Taupe, and Red.

    • Can I use the Luminary™ Syner-D® if I have a medical condition? We advise consulting your physician before starting any new wellness regimen, including massage chairs.

    • Can it help with my back pain? The Luminary’s unique Flex-Track and Syner-D® Technology are designed for spinal decompression and back pain relief.

    • Does the chair require a lot of space? In its upright position, the chair occupies 63"L x 34"W x 48"H. However, when reclined, it extends to 76"L x 34"W x 38.5"H.

    • Is it a worthy investment? Considering the health benefits, luxury, and performance, we'd say it's a ticket to your daily happy place!

    So, there you have it! A world of wellness, relaxation, and sublime comfort awaits you with the Luminary™ Syner-D®. Say goodbye to stress, pain, and tension, and say hello to the royal treatment!

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