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The Infinity IT-8500 X3 3D/4D was designed integrating quality, technology and comfort. Change the way you experience wellness with a rejuvenating therapeutic massage you can enjoy every day in the comfort of home. Plus, it's a natural way to help with pain relief.

The IT-8500 X3 features 3D/4D massage technology, which gives you deep tissue massage that mimics the feel of human hands massaging your neck, back and shoulders. Need back pain relief? Try the unprecedented Spinal Decompression Stretch feature with True Inversion or the Weightless Zero Gravity Recline, paired with lumber heat. And don't forget your feet! Get relief with the Triple Roller Total Sole Reflexology feature. Users can seamlessly play their favorite tunes through the chair's Bluetooth®-enabled sound system. Plus, the Apple® and Android™ app allow you to easily control your massage from your device.

The IT-8500 X3 is the perfect way to super-charge your daily health ritual. Whether recovering from an injury, winding down after a hectic day at work, or you just need some stress relief, a massage chair is the best home therapy.

IT-8500 X3 3D/4D

$9,499.00 Regular Price
$7,999.00Sale Price
  • Features

    Massage Techniques Include:

    • Shiatsu
    • Tapping
    • Knocking
    • Kneading
    • Sync
    • Rhythm

    Product Features Include:

    • 3D/4D Back Massage Mechanism 
    • Near Flat Reclining S-Track 
    • Spinal Correction and Decompression Stretch 
    • Lumbar Heat 
    • True Inversion 
    • Waist Twist Therapy 
    • Apple & Android App Functionality 
    • Truefit™ Body Scanning 
    • Weightless Zero Gravity Recline 
    • 9 Auto Programs 
    • Triple Foot Roller Total Sole Reflexology 
    • Premium Bluetooth® Speakers 
    • Color Menu-Driven Remote 
    • Rhythm Sync Massage 
    • 40 airbags 64 cells 
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